piercings types diagram photos, videos, news

piercings types diagram videos

Tongue Piercing types

Types of pins, barbells or balls you can screw on. This video explains the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, including if they damage your mouth or not so much.. For any further...

my hip piercing

me getting my hips pierced!

SO YOU WANNA GET YOUR SEPTUM PIERCED HUH?! (What to expect when getting your septum pierced)

TOPICS INCLUDE: My experience, What it feels like to get it pierced, How to tuck it up to your nose, When you can start tucking it up, How to clean it, How to care for it, The placement of...

Art of Problem Solving: Venn Diagrams with Three Categories

Art of Problem Solving's Richard Rusczyk introduces 3-circle Venn diagrams as a counting technique.


This week, we bring you the basics of septum piercings. pangeapiercing on Instagram...

1000 Ways To Die Dieagra

This week, we bring you the basics of septum piercings. pangeapiercing on Instagram...


How To Body Pierce DVDs How To Tattoo DVDs

SEPTUM PIERCING | charltomwintale

Answers to some of your questions: - Personally for me it didn't really hurt I would say it was as 2 out of 5 (5 being the more painful) - I was 17 when I got it done (I'm now 22) - I believe...

Piezo Buzzer Driver Circuit Diagram

Piezo Buzzer Driver Circuit Diagram Buzzers are small, light, simple to use, and yet provide a loud output signal. They are either of the passive or of the active type. The former are driven...

Venom Bite Piercing

Me getting my venom bites done by Paul in Bazzers in Cork!(':

nose piercing!

here you goooooo cheryl!

belly button piercing

gettin my belly button pireced with like 3ppl wit me.

Elayne Angel Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing Video

A brief clip of Elayne Angel performing a Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing, (pixellated for the general public--but for unfiltered piercings, check out

Fake Belly Button Piercing

open if your beautiful♥ I hope you enjoyed this video!! Thank you for watching. Its a tutorail on how to do a fake belly ring. the one in the thumbnail is the one i have now. now i have...

AMMOTEST: 7.62x39 HEI High Explosive Incendiary ammo AK 47 SKS WASR-10

Explosive incendiary rounds in 7.62x39, These have a Tetryl explosive with an internal firing mechanism in the projectile. I am firing this 7.62x39 from a Romanian WASR 10 AK, a common cartridge...

septum piercing

piercing my septum.

Getting my lip piercing done ♥

I recently got my lip pierced,and I thought I'd maybe record it,so that could help some people who are wondering how it's going on when you get this piercing :) So yeah,I hope soo much...

Mod-03 Lec-08 Fire and Explosion Modeling Flammability Diagrams

Health,Safety and Environmental Management in Petroleum and Offshore Engineering by Dr. Srinivasan Chandrasekaran, Department of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras. For more details on NPTEL ...

Microdermal Hip piercing

Didn't hurt as bad as I expected! Thought it would be a lot worse! Add me:

How to pierce your nose at home DIY

THIS VIDEO IS NOT TO ENCOURAGE PIERCING AT HOME Just a how to of how I pierced my nose successfully, does not mean it will work for you or look the same etc. Make sure all items you use are.

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