piercings on the ear diagram photos, videos, news

piercings on the ear diagram videos

Blackheads in your ears! Dr Lee on The Doctors

Follow Dr Sandra Lee on facebook Follow Dr Sandra Lee on twitter Go to SkinPhysicians & Surge...

Ear Piercing demo: easy to learn and make money in the salon

Hold the ear, pull the trigger off the ear piercing gun and it's done in a second. No license required for ear piercing. Just attend the class and get certif...


How To Body Pierce DVDs How To Tattoo DVDs

Draining my "Water on the Knee" [Warning: GRAPHIC!]

I've had "water on the knee" for about 7 months now. I haven't known what to do about it, I don't have insurance, and I'm not really sure what options I've g...

The Steps To Get Your Ear Lobes Pierced :)

Watch my other video!! It is just of the piercing!! I got it done on 1/1/2010.


This week, we bring you the basics of septum piercings.

BBC Pain, Pus and Poison - Pain, The Search for Modern Medicine Episode 1

Michael Mosley - Pain is all in the brain. When we break a leg or pull a muscle, millions of nerve cells in our brains fire to release chemicals telling us i...

Gabriele Surgery: Surgery of a Tumor on the Ear of a Cat, Part 2

After shaving the hair I clean the skin with alcohol.

Black & White Heads On Nose Part 4

Here we have extracted black & white heads from different parts of body like chest, forehead, ears and along with we have shown bursting of sebaceous cyst an...

CC7550 Senses, Nervous & Respiratory Systems: Parts of the Ear Mini - 2013

In this Parts of the Ear mini, students will learn about the different parts of the ear. Students drag the parts of the ear to their matching description and...



How To Remove Surface Anchor (micro dermal) Piercings- THE MODIFIED WORLD

This video is intended to help show emergency medical personnel how to quickly remove anchors, and to demonstrate to clients how we do anchor removals. FOR T...

Black Heads On Ear Pinna - Extraction

You can see black hue on ear concha- ear concha is a part of ear pinna (cavity like portion) which is present between antihelix and tragus + antitragus. Blac...

ASMR Lesson about the anatomy of hair structure, Softly spoken & Whispered

Hello every one! Today's video is an anatomy lesson for you, partly related to my previous video but this is on anatomy of the hair. I start off with a brief...

Piercing the Elastic Limit - Opening & Intro

Buy online: SciFi Time Traveling Epic Fable read by the Author goodreads page:

12V Piezo Siren Circuit - Ear Piercing Sound

I'm putting together a circuit which will trigger a siren. Here is the siren part of that circuit. Very simple to make. Circuit Here: http://www.555-timer-ci...

Howler Monkeys

Don't tell these howler monkeys to pipe down. They won't unless there sleeping, which is about 15 hours a day. See All National Geographic Videos http://vide...

Body Piercing Tips & Aftercare : How to Pierce Your Belly Button

Piercing a belly button requires cleaning the navel with Technicare surgical soap, mark where the piercing will go, use clamps to ensure a straight piercing ...

How to use a piercing gun/ how to pierce your own ears

quit telling me how guns aren't safe. if u think it's dangerous, you don't need to be watching this in the first place. this is just a demonstration on how t...

Routing the Corbel by Hand

quit telling me how guns aren't safe. if u think it's dangerous, you don't need to be watching this in the first place. this is just a demonstration on how t...

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