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0.9.5 HD Minecraft PE-How to build the Nether Portal

Meine Website : ABONIERE FÜR MEHR SEEDS ;) SUBCRIBE FOR MORE SEEDS ;) Wenn dir das Video gefallen hat lasst doch bitte ein Abo da und eine...

Seed for minecraft pe (nether)

9 iron, 27 coal,and a lava fall!

Making a nether portal in minecraft pe

This is a video making a nether portal I think I should do more video like this please like the video.


Hey guys. You wanted the nether? Well now you have it! Links for downloads below: Texture Pack:


Meine Website : ABONIERE FÜR MEHR SEEDS ;) SUBCRIBE FOR MORE SEEDS ;) Hier ist ein sehr cooler Seed. In der Welt gibt es sehr viele hohe ...

Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed Review: nether

This seed is one of my top 5 seeds Seed: nether.

Minecraft PE Seed Survival - nyan - episode 3 - Stop, Nether Reactor Time

Mining was a chore. Now it's time to have some fun. MC Nether says... Stop... Nether Time. Yup, that was a blatant MC Hammer reference.

The Nether - Minecraft Pocket Edition

Hello everyone! How would you like to enjoy the Nether in Minecraft Pocket Edition? If you would, then you're in the right place! Check out the links below!!...

How to build a Nether Reactor - Minecraft PE 0.9.0

Seed - Appll Thanks for watching and for every like and subscribe, ENjoy! The Nether Reactor is a beloeved part of the MCPE experience. Although it seems tha...

Minecraft PE-seed Showcase (nether 4)

Please like comment and subscribe!

Minecraft Pocket Edition Nether Portal attempt

In this video i will attempt to make a nether portal.

How to Find Gold for the Nether Reactor - Minecraft Pocket Edition (0.8.1)

How to find gold in mcpe 0.8.0 & 0.8.1! Find out the best and most efficient way to get gold for the nether reactor in minecraft pocket edition! Stay tuned f...

MCPE Seed nether

Mcpe seed nether.

Minecraft PE Seed Review 11NL:nether 4

Welkom bij de 11de seed review laat achter wat voor seed jij wil. De seeds van vandaag is: nether 4 =========================================================...

How To Make Nether on Minecraft Pocket Edition

This video is an easy tutorial on how to make the nether portal. Like and comment what you want to see next. Also subscribe. The seed I used is called nether.

Minecraft Pocket Edition WORKS IN 0.7.5 - How To Find Gold For The Nether Reactor Hey everyone in this video I am going to give you my tips on how to find Gold on Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.5.0! I h...

Minecraft Pocket Edition Nether Reactor

Hey guys! Has mentioned in the video, I sold my iPod Touch 4g and bought an iPhone 4 on iOS 6, so It took me a while to re-jailbreak it so that I could recor...

Minecraft PE - [0.9.0] - Nether Concept

"ENJOY THE NETHER? BE SURE TO LIKE AND COMMENT!!" ▻Subscribe and join me! : ▻Follow me on Twitter : ▻Minecraft PE ...

How to build a Nether Reactor - Minecraft PE 0.8.0

The Nether Reactor is huge part of Minecraft PE. It is the only known way to get Melon Seeds and Pumkin seeds. I'm not sure about the potato but i got one fr...

[0.9.5] Minecraft Pocket Edition - Top 5 Seeds! Best Villages, Strongholds, Dungeons and more!

Like Goal: 800 Likes! In this series I bring you the best seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.9.0+! If you find any amazing seeds for 0.9.0, leave it in th...

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