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The details emerged after the contents of a huge trove of leaked account files about secret Swiss accounts were published. . Criminal probes in several count...


LAURA RAPHAEL ,contacted the barbados nation newspaper for public help because her doctors cannot continue to treat a medical condition She has,,referred her...

PBS Hawaii - Long Story Short: Denby Fawcett and Bob Jones

Leslie Wilcox visits with veteran journalists Denby Fawcett and Bob Jones, who discuss their personal lives and TV news careers. They also comment on the cur...

Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Tribute - (Billy Joel, I love You Just the Way You Are)

Long Live Elizbeth Taylor - Our Movie Queen is Dead In a turn of fate, an Elizabeth Taylor obituary writer died six years before the death of the much-loved ...

I was wrong on Snowden article, I apologize, It was a satire article I did not research, Forgive me

I apologize for the article on chemtrails and HAARP, It was one of those satire articles and I did not research...Shame on me...I did not read all the commen...

UPDATED! Fifth Elite Banker Commits Suicide in 2-Weeks?

In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV provides an update on a Fifth Elite Banker to Die in 2-Weeks.

Bagpipes play at memorial service for A.B. Martin

A.B. Martin planned his funeral long in advance - one wish was for someone to play the Scottish bagpipes. Hundreds of people attended his memorial service at...

Muppet's & Mickey Mouse : Latest Deaths: Why They Are Not Mentioned. The World Was A Better Place.

IRS Deliberately Chose Not to Fess Up to Scandal Before Election

Cleveland, Ohio Obituaries - Jimmy Bivens | eFuneral

Mike Belsito, Co-Founder of eFuneral, discusses the life of Jimmy Bivens, boxing contender and Cleveland resident.

Call To Action - "Voice Your Vision"

JOIN GROUP & SUBMIT (your ideas)! Given the news ways of acquiring & sharing knowledge through technology: the internet, social netw...

INVESTIGATED: Another JP Morgan Linked Banker Death

In today's video, AMTV reports on a JP Morgan attorney who was killed by a minivan.

9 May 1949 Rainier "enthroned" as 'Prince of Monaco' by the NKVD and the Gehlen Org

The Principality of Monaco existed between 1856 and 1949. After Louis II 'The Last' Grimaldi was terminated over a dispute about the Nazi Raubgold in the vau...

Physician Assisted Suicide in Massachusetts: Interviews with Andrew Beckwith

Description: Andrew Beckwith, the Executive Vice President of Massachusetts Family Institute, discusses the Death with Dignity Act on the upcoming November b...

EndGame HQ full length version

Get the DVD at: For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they c...

Ukraine: Pro-Russia activists seize Donetsk government building

Video ID: 20140406-021 M/S Protesters pulling police officers C/U Protesters pushing against the police line C/U Police and protesters facing each other C/U ...

Washington National Guard Museum Hosts WW2 Veterans from the 41st Infantry Division

The 41st Infantry Division was comprised of National Guard soldiers form Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and Washington. The division was one of four di...

F2-09 -- Jana Pilkey: End of Life Issues: Palliative care for Stroke Patients

Heart and Stroke Foundation Clinical Update 2012: F2-09 -- Jana Pilkey: End of Life Issues: Palliative care for Stroke Patients.

Evidence Based Genealogy with Lineascope: Overview, part 1

This is the first part of a series demonstrating how using Lineascope helps you build and document solid genealogical conclusions by supporting the practice ...


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