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GR Epileptic Review David B's Epileptic The Grand Mal Graphic Novel

A graphic novel review of David B's story "Epileptic The Grand Mal".

Back to Normal: How a young woman overcame epilepsy and regained her independence

High school and college is usually a time for making friends, learning new things, focusing on schoolwork and planning for the future. But for 26-year-old La...

Special English 2014 - All About Epilepsy - Science

Special English 2014 - VOA Science in the News Today we will tell about the brain disorder known as epilepsy. Many people do not understand epilepsy. Medical...

Cat with head twitches / grand mal seizure

This is my 15 yrs old female cat that started to show head twitches about a couple of years ago. She also appears to have IBD, and treatment with corticoids ...

DEVELOPING: Wife of John Kerry Rushed To Hospital After Grand Mal Seizure

DEVELOPING: Wife of John Kerry Rushed To Hospital After Grand Mal Seizure SUBSCRIBE to NewsBreaker's YouTube Channel: Theresa Heinz Kerr...

Grammys Reporter Seizure/Stoke on TV


Mind Control? Sarah Carlson Live On News Broadcast! - where you discover what's really going on!... Is Madison CBS News reporter Sarah Carlson being attacked by microwave weaponry (mind-contro...

Fox News, Karl Rove Argue Over The Outcome In Ohio

more at

TOTAL HEALTH DD NEWS: Epilepsy- Cause & Treatment (Part 3)

Live phone-in show Guest: 1) Dr. Padma Srivastav Professor, Department of Neurology, AIIMS 2) Dr. Sheffali Gulati Additional Professor, Department of Pediatr...

All about epilepsy - the facts about epilepsy (English)

All about epilepsy is a new programme about epilepsy. Part one looks at the medical condition of epilepsy. It shows examples of seizures, played by actors, and explains what you can do to help.

Marijuana Helped Stop Child's Seizures

Charlotte Figi suffered relentlessly day and night for 5 years with Dravet syndrome. At age 6, she now has a new life with no side effects after using a spec...

Epilepsy Awareness PSA Featuring Rick Harrison from TV's 'Pawn Stars'

As part of our new #DareTo education and awareness campaign, the Epilepsy Foundation presents a new public service announcement featuring Rick Harrison from ...

Grand Mal Seizure Dance

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.


On The Doctors, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer, and Dr. Travis Stork talk about what happens during a seizure and what you can do if y...

Girl has Seizure During Police Arrest

Intense scene as 2 uniformed NYPD officers and 1 undercover officer arrest two individuals on the uptown platform of the 4/5/6 subway line at Grand Central S...

Reoccurring Seizures Stopped Cold by God

For more than two decades Christine was a prisoner of epilepsy and grand mal seizures, then she was set free when she heard a word of knowledge prayer on The...

Sean Paul causes epilepsy! I kid you not, a woman was diagnosed with "musicogenic epilepsy" which means she had a grand mal seizure if she heard the mu...

Epilepsy Treatment

Advancements in epilepsy treatment are giving epilepsy sufferers new hope. Catalyst investigates two ground breaking treatment procedures for epilepsy.

Understanding Partial Seizures (Epilepsy #3)

Partial seizures begin in a limited area of the brain, but each is profoundly different.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru:

High CBD Strains, its about all of the cannabinoids

Lets chat about a high CBD (Cannabidiol) strain named Hayley's Comet, a 2-1 CBD/THC ratio . This strain came from Vancouver Island in 2007 from a guy that ju...

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